Парафіївська Nothing found

Name Парафіївська Nothing found
KOATUU 7421755700
object status b
Administrative and territorial system:
Urban settlements 1
Villages 13
Settlements 4
Additional information
Population on January 1, 2015 (cnt.)
including children:
preschool age (cnt.) 310
school age (cnt.) 652
The number of settlements that are part of territorial community 16
The amount of incomes (estimated) capable territorial community (UAH)
formed according to Article 64 of the Budget Code of Ukraine (UAH). 6023532
development Budget (UAH) 86860
basic subsidies (UAH) 59700
reverse subsidies (UAH) -
Square of teritory of community, km2 290,2
Number of establishments that are held by the budget of local governments
secondary schools I-III degree 3
secondary schools I-II degree -
secondary schools I degree -
pre-school establishments 5
after school education establishments -
cultural institutions 5
institutions of physical culture -
health posts 4
clinics, polyclinics 2
hospitals 1
aid stations -
Availability of space for placement of government bodies, institutions that exerce authorities to:
enforcement є
civil registration and property rights є
pensions є
social protection є
fire safety є
treasury services є
Availability of premises for the placement of local governments є